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The Class

The aim of the class is to help people begin the process of writing creatively (short stories and novels), to help people develop novels in progress and to offer professional guidance on how to get published; this could involve who and where to send your writing to, how to write a synopsis and a proposal letter, and basic requirements in terms of publishing industry etiquette. Feedback will be positive and supportive. Above all, the class is intended to be fun and a good place for people of a like mind to meet. Students will have a chance to contribute work to a group self-published anthology, featuring some of the best short stories and opening chapters. Students will be encouraged to improve their writing through group feedback and guidance from the tutor very much based on a read/discussion basis. Key theory will be taught through a series of mini-lectures. Students will be given homework tasks, if this is desired.

The Tutor

Steve Calcutt taught Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing for Warwick University for 15 years. As a literary agent he specialised in crime, s/f, fantasy and horror genre fiction and has sold authors' work to major publishers here and in the US, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Dorchester, Orion and Hodder & Stoughton. He has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Teaching experience beyond adult education includes teaching 'A' History in FE and, more recently, teaching History and English in secondary schools.

Quotes from participants

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it has benefitted my writing skills. Will be attending next term. Thank you!"

"Thought the course was brilliant. It has really helped to hear other peoples' opinions and thoughts. It has also given me confidence in my own abilities and has inspired me to have a go - something I definitely want to continue."
"Loved the course. A great environment in which to grow as a writer."
"Really enjoyed the course and have learned a huge amount. I loved the balance of theory and then practical critique. Very much enjoyed the chance to meet some lovely people."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and particularly valued the opportunity to practise techniques learned through the tasks in the sessions. I also valued the opportunities to learn from colleagues' writing and informed criticism. Will definitely be back."
"An excellent format, with a good mix of reading, sharing technical learning. A good group with a mix of style and perspectives."

"It is a great intellectual environment where students are under no pressure to read their work out in class, but if they do then they are offered a lot of support, praise and encouragement. Listening to other peoples’ opinions about your work really does improve the way you write. Attending these classes encouraged me to think about a career change and I have subsequently become a journalist writing articles for a nationally distributed magazine called 'History of War'. Put simply, I wouldn't have even thought about applying for my current job had I not joined this group."
"Informative, supportive course.  Personally speaking it was a perfect balance of inspiration, helpful group critique and teaching of useful writing techniques." 
"Relaxed atmosphere. Good interacting of group. Critical, truthful and helpful. Teacher creates positive interaction of members, encouraging multiple approaches towards improved writing skills. Didn't feel under pressure to contribute. Group always interested in others’ writing." 
"I like the fact that it's a forum for getting feedback and also getting inspiration from other writing. I like how relaxed it is, lacking pressure, easy for first learners."
"Really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to different peoples writing. Encouraging group and supportive which is great. It helped me start having a go." 
"Inspirational, positive and supportive environment. Friendly group and willing to give feedback. Good advice on writing techniques."

“This course is a useful exercise in the craft of writing; inspiring guidance from both teacher Steve and fellow students. Highly recommended!”

“As a total newcomer to creative writing, this course has been enormously helpful.  The relaxed non-prescriptive format gives the student great scope for experimentation and constructive input from other course members makes for a friendly atmosphere.  Recommended.”

"Hearing the writing of group members being read out each week was very inspiring. The atmosphere of constructive criticism was stimulating, causing me to think more analytically about what was read and giving me confidence to begin producing my own work. As a new member I felt welcomed and encouraged."

“I can't thank the tutor and class enough for giving me a positive experience of writing.”
“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the class on Tuesday nights and have met such lovely and encouraging people.”

 “A friendly writing group, that made me feel very welcome and helped me to grow my confidence in a relaxed and informative atmosphere.”

“A great group who give positive and really helpful feedback on work – with humour!”

“A wonderful atmosphere to encourage the inner writer in you to become an author.”

“Whether just starting out or an old hand, a great place to learn or hone and polish your writing.”

“Provides great inspiration and support for anyone who wants to write.”

“A relaxed environment, encouraging creativity and supporting aspiring writers.”

“A helpful class and perceptive tutor.  My writing has greatly improved.”

“Ideas, motivation and encouragement: The best things to ensure that you keep on writing.  The class provides all of them.”

“I came to creative writing quite late in life and the group is very supportive with their constructive criticism.  The aim of the group is to improve the quality of writing; and we use short stories as an alternative to novel length to inspire further creative ideas.”

“Very helpful.  Has made me a much better writer and put me within a hair’s breadth of publication.”

“A great class that combines writing, feedback and theory in an unimposing format that encourages you to take part.”

“A very good class that gives excellent constructive feedback whilst allowing everyone to contribute in equal measure.”

“An informal group that somehow seems to extract the best from everyone in a non-confrontational but constructively critical way.”

“I’ve enjoyed this course immensely and feel I’ve learned a lot from Steve with his insights and theories on creative writing, and also from listening to the members’ contributions.  Now I need to go away and digest and reflect on all I’ve learned – and maybe even put it into practice!”

“Welcoming and Friendly.  Found feedback positive and constructive – not too much to put into action.” 


Books written by students

A book published in 2018 by Unbound publishing.

Two books self-published in 2018 using the Create Space (Kindle direct) platform.


Books published by the class

Pictures of book cover and newspaper report


Link to newspaper report:


Some recent short stories

Some recent short stories on a theme of Revenge or Lottery Tickets.htm



The class takes place in the Odd Fellows Hall in Clarence Terrace, Warwick Street CV32 5LD at 7PM on Tuesdays.

This is easily accessible from Leamington, Warwick, Warwickshire, Coventry and the surrounding area.

Term Dates

Spring 2020 class – not running

Summer 2020 class starts Tuesday 21 April for 12 Weeks

Autumn 2020 class starts Tuesday 15 September for 12 weeks

Course Fees

£90 per term. 

50% discount for the disabled and unemployed.

Please note that we can only offer a 50% fee refund for students who do not feel that the course is right for them for the first two weeks. After this, point we shall not offer refunds.


Phone:   07734 306 864




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